Couple Therapy

In every relationship changes occur over time. Each person involved changes over time, as this is part of being human and adapting to different life experiences.

Life transitions; birth of children, death of parents or loved ones, change of careers, unresolved hurts and new personal experiences may be part of these changes. There are occasions when it is difficult to communicate with each other. Some feelings may be present that are making it more challenging to live lovingly with each other. Sexual desires change and there may be underlying tension in the relationship due to one or more partners needs being unfulfilled. Some unresolved distress give rise to emotional and sexual difficulties that diminish the vitality of an intimate relationship.

At such times, working with a psychotherapist in a confidential space to help you explore and understand how you can renew the love in your lives can be very supportive. There is untapped potential in us all. When individuals in relationships can reconnect in authentic ways to a truest self then they can also be open to contacting the persons you love in deep and meaningful ways, even if it is challenging. Resolving the distress by attending to the body-to-body experiences and through dialogue in the presence of a psychotherapist can alleviate relationship stress and support new possibilities for the couple and their families.

Couple therapy sessions are initially weekly for 1.5 hours.

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