Executive coaching: Individual & Team

Executive coaching provides individuals and  leadership teams with a confidential space and opportunity to critically reflect and explore how they are living their leadership in their organisational context.  This can be used when leaders are new to a role, or in transition to a new role. It is also of use when leaders are requiring a reflective space to explore and examine how they are behaving and relating in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business and organisational contexts.

As an experienced relational executive coach I’ve  developed a robust psychological, organisational and creative approach to coaching. The foundation of my approach is built on neurobiology, psychotherapy and social science research in the field of human relations for our current time.  Coaching is usually face to face in a consulting room . There are also opportunities for coaching in the outdoors along the Wild Atlantic Way as nature fosters creative thinking and insight.

Given the complexity and connectedness of our global economy and the richness of  diversity in organisations my coaching practice focuses on four interconnected dimensions.

I integrate a relational, creative, embodied and contextual approach as this enables a way of working  to foster profound understanding and clarity on new ways of relating and behaving that can be integrated as part of your leadership role.

    Relational:     we explore the quality of your relationship to yourself and others, both in the past and the present .  Attention is given so old patterns of relating that were once of benefit can be understood, while identify and experimenting with new ways of behaving to improve your effectiveness and impact as a leader.


    Creative:  each person has an innate potential and unknown gifts that can foster new awareness and insight. Our work will provide you with the possibility to explore challenging situations  in creative ways that challenge conventional thinking.


    Embodied: you will be invited to explore your bodily knowing of situations as you develop your presence as a leader. The body is the foundation of our way of making sense and meaning in complex and uncertain situations.


    Contextual: our organisational environment, the wider system/sector that it is  embedded and the inter-relationship between these parts are integral to coaching. Leadership is a function of the context, and the how your live your leadership is also shaped by your family of origin, the community you live in as man, woman, non-binary or trans person.


These intricately connected aspects of your leadership experience will be explored in a supportive and confidential space as we work together. Each session is a two hour duration and occurs once every four to six weeks.  A contract of six sessions is the usual duration . In the first session, objectives for the coaching are agreed.

Virtual coaching is also available, as in our global organisations face to face is not always possible.

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