Working together: How I work

As a Gestalt psychotherapist I will accompany you and be fully present with your experience in the here and now. I will help you find the supports to heal and change in ways that enable you to live your life with more choice, creativity and satisfaction. No two people are the same, so my role as a psychotherapist is to discover with you the best way of working together. In our work I will move at a pace that is most supportive to you.


In my practice I integrate a relational, creative, embodied and contextual approach that is adapted in ways to foster healing and relief of suffering over time. In this way, I will co-create a trusting and safe space so you can better understand who you are and how you feel about yourself by exploring:


  • the quality of your relationship to yourself and others, both in the past and the present (relational)
  • the innate potential and unknown gifts you possess as a person by trusting your creative ways of knowing (creative)
  • ways for you to become more aware of your whole body knowing, which has a wisdom that supports healing and growth (embodied)
  • the environment, family and community you live in as man, woman, non-binary or trans person (context).


These intricately connected dimensions of human experience will be explored in a supportive and confidential space as we work together. There is evidence that healing and growth occurs by becoming more aware of our thoughts, feelings, sensations and bodily movement in the present moment and exploring these in relation with a psychotherapist.

So, when we work together, I will invite you to pay attention to your experience in the here and now with me as we dialogue. And, I too will pay attention to my whole bodily experience moment to moment as I listen to you with sensitivity, care, empathy, and without judgment. If it is of interest to you I will offer you creative ways to explore your feelings with objects, drawing, movement, writing, mindfulness and experimenting, as well as talking. This process will enable you to develop greater awareness of you and your life situations. Overtime, you will discover that you have more choice. You will be able to avail of a range of resources and supports integral to you. These will enrich how you live both personally and in a wide range of different relationships in a world that is becoming ever more complex and stressful.

I will come alongside and accompany you to explore what is difficult to name and express when different aspects of your identity and experience as a person may be confusing. I am committed to creating a therapeutic space where diversity is welcomed regardless of your age, gender identity, sexual orientation, education, class, relationship status, disability, religion or belief, race, colour, ethnicity, and cultural context.

I am bound by and honour the code of ethics of the professional bodies and organisations that I am registered by (IAHIP, ECP, UKCP) and a member of (EAGT, AAGT, NYIGT, Metanoia)

Whatever your interest, I invite you to reach out to me, so we can arrange a time for an initial exploratory session. This session of 50 minutes gives you a chance to assess me, and for me to explore how best I can support you. I work with clients short term (8 sessions) and long term. If we work together we will meet weekly. My psychotherapy fee is €70 - €85. I have a small number of lower cost places available.

I offer group therapy and meet individuals to ensure it is the right support for you. The maximum size of the group is six members. The individual fee for weekly group therapy is on a sliding scale of €30-€45 for 1.5 hours.