Professional & Personal Psychological Consultation

This is a psychologically informed consultation process that provides a safe and confidential space for in-depth exploration.  This process is for busy senior executives and professional persons who are functioning in their lives but experience underlying niggles and concerns that seem to detract from the quality of their lives, relationships, work or leadership.

In our current complex and interconnected world the old construct of a working week and working hours no longer fits. Thus, a new model of support is required.

The consultation process is focused. At the beginning of each session, you decide how you want to use the time in a way that is most relevant for you. The commitment from me is to create a space that will allow you time to inquire in depth and reflect on your experience in the present. This will enable you to discover connections and links with the past in the present. New meaning will emerge for you and I will co-create with you new  ‘experiments’ for you to ‘try out’ in different ways between sessions as you unfold your life. This is how we all develop as adult human beings. It is an integral part of our human condition that we grow as persons by sensing, feeling and doing. Neurobiology and early development research supports this. And, then we develop new insights and thinking that is integrated and assimilated that are sustainable over time. In our work I will also identify enduring themes that emerge. I will ensure that these are offered to you for potential exploration in the service of your own wellbeing and development.

The Consultation Process

  • Face to face session once a month: 2 hours.
  • Virtual sessions every week or every other week: 1 hour.

This would be decided and agreed together after the initial consultation process.

  • The consultation process requires an initial commitment of 6 months and then reviewed.


Fee Structure has two bands. One fee band is for personally funded consultation. The second fee band is for organizationally funded  support for executives and leaders.


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