Our research orientation is collaborative inquiry as a practice-based research approach. The approach is embodied, field orientated, pragmatic and of use to humanistic psychotherapists and practitioners.

This embodied collaborative inquiry method advocates a democratic and co-operative approach in the co-constructing of knowledge and meaning that is of the lived body and embedded in an intersectional field. This approach resides in the broad terrain of action research.

A collaborative inquiry approach does not dismiss evidence-based or more positivist perspectives of mixed- method research per-se, but caution us as to their suitability for humanistic, and in particular relational orientated-practitioners who value a participatory and more democratic I-Thou (Buber,1958) process of relating.

Our research approach is being developed by creating a new tradition informed by action research. The orientation is now extended to be a Collaborative, Embodied, Creative and Relational Inquiry (CECRI) as a practice-based humanistic psychotherapy research approach.

Some research has been completed in this developing tradition.  We invite applications for those interested in researching the lives and psychological well being of  LGBTQI+ persons, couples, groups and families in rural communities. The research needs to be aligned to the vision and aims of Bronntanas - a social enterprise focused on the psychological health and wellbeing of LGBTQI+ persons in rural Ireland.