Completed Research

The following collaborative inquiry projects have been completed. This work has been published or presented at conferences as we seek to ensure our research has a relevance to practitioners and individuals working in the people helping professions.

Desmond, B. (2019). Collaborative Inquiry as Research: an exploration of embodied Gestalt group supervision. Gestalt Review. Vol. 23,  No. 1, 44-66.

Desmond, B. (2018) Embodied Collaborative Inquiry: a Pragmatic Practice-Based Research Approach. The Irish Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Vol. 18, No. 3, 4-9.

Desmond, B. (2017) Paper: Framing practitioner research as mo(ve)ment to mo(ve)ment inquiry.  Gestalt Research Conference, Paris 2017

Desmond, B. (2017) Poster presentation : Embodied Gestalt Group Supervision: A Collaborative Inquiry - a process of researching with and by people not on people.Gestalt Research Conference,  Paris 2017

Desmond, B. (2014). Enhancing Facilitation of Senior Executive Groups and Boards. OD Practitioner, Vol. 45, No. 1,  26 – 33

Desmond, B. (2011) Gestalt approach to working with gay persons seeking meaningful relational contact, in Bloom, D. & Brownell, P. (Eds.) Continuity and Change: Gestalt Therapy Now. SA, Cambridge Scholars Press

Desmond, B (2010) Gestalt: Gay Men Seeking Meaningful Relational Contact at International Conference Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy (AAGT), Philadelphia, USA, June 2010

Desmond, B. (2010) A trainee supervisor's perspective; liberating the 'imprisoning' self of coach in becoming a supervisor, Workshop presentation at British Association for Supervision Practice and Research Annual Conference on Supervision, 'Competent Supervisors: Imprisonment or Liberation?', 24 - 25 July 2010